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Our Teams

Our Teams consist of two or more volunteers specializing in their area, but also working with other Teams to help support our refugee family and meet their needs. What talents can you contribute?

Acculturation & Hospitality

Do you like interacting with others, shopping, welcoming people into the community, and showing people around town? If so, our Acculturation and Hospitality Team might be a good fit.

Middle Eastern Food

Social Services/ Social Security

We get our family off to a good start by taking them to apply for Social Security cards and social services benefits. We help them learn to use their benefits and to navigate the social services system to keep their benefits up to date.



Are you interested in smartphones and computers? Would you like to help pick out tech that best suits our family and teach the family to use it? This is the team for you!

Phone Case


Do you have experience or a passion for writing resumes, helping search for employment, preparing people for interviews and researching refugee-friendly employers? Have we got a team for you!

Job Interview


Do you enjoy interacting with people from different countries and cultures and helping them learn our language and culture? Our ESL Team both arranges for in-home language learning and helps our refugee family get set up with language learning classes when available.



If you have the gift of financial literacy, this is your opportunity to share it with others! Our Finance Team helps our refugee family learn the ins and outs of household money management, as well as helping keep New Start Ministry’s finances in order. 


Translator Coordinator

Do you enjoy putting the pieces of the puzzle together to get others the assistance they need? Our translator coordinators find translators who speak our family’s language and match their availability to the family’s appointment times and places.

Chalkboard with Different Languages


Do you have experience with or are you willing to learn the public transportation system? Would you enjoy matching people who can help people get places with people who need help getting places? Our Transportation team does all that and more!



Are you familiar with the public school system? Our Education Team facilitates communication between the school and the family, helping ensure each student in the family receives the proper assistance with their education including ESL tutoring and IEPs if needed.

Empty School Desks And Chairs

Health Care

Do you enjoy all aspects of health and wellness? Our Healthcare Team works to identify healthcare providers who take HUSKY and have translators available; schedules all medical appointments; and assists the family in understanding health care expectations.

Kids Doctor Checkup


Are you interested in helping a family feel safe and secure in their home? Our Housing Team identifies appropriate, safe rental housing options and helps our family to learn to communicate as needed with the landlord.


Household Furnishings & Clothing

This team prepares the apartment for the family's arrival with everything from furniture to housewares to clothing. After the family's arrival, they assist the family with shopping for additional clothing and household items.



The Communications Team spreads the good news about refugee co‐sponsorship via social media outlets, our website, and our newsletter. 



Our Administrators, Susan Suhr, Kate Clarke, and Margaret Das oversee the overall coordination of the team's efforts, solicit volunteers, and are New Start's primary contact with IRIS.

Contract Signature


Our legal team assists our family with understanding their legal status in the United States and identifies pro bono resources to assist them in their pursuit of green cards.

New Start Marathon Social Media (19).png


Whether you join one of our teams, share our social media posts, or make a financial contribution, YOU are an important part of New Start Ministry CT!

Child Care

Child care is needed during some appointments, meetings, and while the adults are at ESL class. If you'd like to come and play, let us know!



If you speak our family's language and are interested in translating during meetings at their apartment, outings, appointments, etc., let us know!

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